Speaker Services

Tom Coyne, who edits The Index Investor, can speak at your client seminars or larger conferences. His offerings focus on three areas:

How to Be a Better Forecaster

  • The Nature of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS)
  • The Challenges of Forecasting CAS behavior
  • Ambiguous Forecasts: Easy to Make, But Often Not Useful for End-Users
  • Why Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Aren't Enough
  • Best Forecasting Practices

Asset Allocation

  • Defining Asset Classes: Broad or Narrow?
  • Alternative Asset Allocation Models and Methods
  • The Challenge of Estimating Model Inputs
  • Arguments for Equal Asset Class Weighting
  • Arguments for Departing from Equal Weighting
  • Rebalancing: Systematic and Episodic Approaches

Active vs. Index vs. Passive Investing

  • Defining Active Investing
  • Active Management Challenges
  • Defining Passive Investing
  • Passive Management Challenges (they exist!)
  • Defining Index Investing
  • Index Investing Challenges (factor zoo, liquidity, etc.)
  • Making Tradeoffs Between These Three Approaches

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